Liberation Gold Corporation (LG) is a vertically integrated gold operator with innovative technology that will transform the standard model of the mining and refinement process. Our mission is to become a trailblazer in the gold refinement and fulfillment process by upholding consumer social responsibility and introducing technology that redefines the industry.

Based in Delaware, USA, we have operations across the globe in Ghana, Mexico, Niger, and the United States with additional zones in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Australia. We are always looking to expand and transition underserved regions, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us! *insert hyperlink to contact us page* We are also connected with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), which is an international trade association for the bullion investment market. As our business model focuses on high yield, low cost and low environmental impact, LG can set up and operate in any country as it complies with all the regulations put in place. With our excellent service, you can put your mind at rest and trust in the LG process to guarantee an efficient gold mining operation. As we have central base of operations in any area with a concentration of mines, we can showcase our systems to any property owner or government official to expedite and secure required permits and licenses.

LG is involved in two ways:
(1) Compensate artisanal miners for their findings and be the main source of processing and refinement
(2) Participate in the entirety of the process by providing enhanced tools and technology to ensure safety for the miners

LG’s strategy and business model responds to decades of obstacles in every aspect of day-to-day gold exploration and mining operations. To solidify an efficient, low-cost system, we have set up a hub and spoke system for our regional plants that effectively covers the United States and Mexico. Current constraints to the mining industry include extensive capital expenditures, environmental degradation, and nominal benefits returned to the local miners and communities. LG aims to eliminate all these obstacles to provide a stronger livelihood for these communities as well as a sustainable environment. Our motto is to create “Green Gold- from our Earth, building our Future”. Through socially conscious means, LG’s model of gold exploration and refinement ensures the proper discovery of gold without the large ecological footprint that have been in effect for decades.

Geological Targeting

The typical requirement for our competitors to undergo development is that a region must have at least 1 million ounces in reserve. This requirement leads to many untapped regions that LG can successfully acquire and service. Using our proprietary system, LG can economically develop a property within a zone that has as little as 10,000 to 20,000 ounces of mineable gold.

With these conditions, the LG model can target underserved mines such as small mines of various stages of development, government and private owned sites, historical mines, underdeveloped mines, bankrupt mines, and newly discovered sites. Our system covers an extensive range of sites that result in recovery rates of above 80%.

Proper Alignment of Stakeholders

With traditional gold mining and refining models, it is inevitable to see illegal mining take place. As miners see relatively low income, many find ways to circumvent paying taxes. Our current business model, however, improves the profitability of miners through efficiency in both refining and supply chain management. Gains are then shared with the local community and the government to create sustainable business relationships amongst key stakeholders. With this transparent model, LG guarantees favorable fees to all stakeholders.

Green Gold Initiative

Mining is one of the leading sources for the release of mercury into the air and environment. According to the Minamata Convention on Mercury (an international treaty designed to protect the environment and human health from mercury), artisanal miners contributed to 1,400 tons of mercury being released into the environment in 2011. The use of toxic chemicals, such as mercury and cyanide, results in water contamination and airborne toxins. As such, neighboring regions and communities are heavily impacted, causing long-term illnesses for many families. In addition to water contamination, mining emanates considerable changes to the land, which disturbs wildlife and greatly affects a region’s sustenance.

Liberation Gold creates a greener Earth by tapping into underserved territories and providing innovative technology that will transform the standard model of mining operations. With our mobile modular systems, we eliminate water contamination and the use of chemicals that are prevalent in the mining industry. In partnership with LG Foundation, LG strives to create safer working conditions for miners and to support a healthier livelihood for the local communities.

Liberation Gold Foundation reinforces the production of “Green Gold” and upholds our mission to become a trailblazer in gold operations through our unique model of geographical targeting. LG Foundation’s goals are to enhance the local capacity and infrastructure of the local regions by developing safer technologies for gold extractions. It is important to note that the traditional chemical refining method has been eliminated with the introduction of our mobile module systems, which are in place at every LG operation site. Additionally, each refining hub is a closed loop system which allows us to reuse waste materials, such as waste rock and tailings, that many disregards. These materials are used for other projects in conjunction with LG Foundation. We also aim to improve artisanal miners’ income and livelihoods through training programs and developing funded schools, hospitals, roads, and housing.

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