Don Nicholson B.Comm.


Mr. Don Nicholson has over 25 years of international experience in all phases of project development and management, including incubation, implementation, and growth. His industry specialties cover several business sectors including resource extraction, manufacturing, construction, and high technology.

For the most recent 12 years, Mr. Nicholson has been primarily focused on mineral resource development, both financing and project development. Projects include major mine exploration in Mexico for base and precious metals, mine technology and processing systems, gold trading, metal refining operations in China, new technology for copper processing in Mexico, REE exploration in Texas, Antimony mining and processing in Nevada, new method base & precious metals extraction and concentration in Texas, and automated manufacturing systems.

Mr. Nicholson is the CEO of LolaMex Corporation, an advanced stage mineral exploration company, as well as a founding partner of LTV International Holdings (Hong Kong) & PSV Enterprises (Canada), both having the objective to incubate and develop near-term mining and technology projects.

Jimmy Trikeriotis Business Administration


Mr. Jimmy Trikeriotis has over 39 years of international experience and research. As the Founder, President, and COO of Nevada Mining Resources, Mr. Trikeriotis is multifaceted in all aspects of mining. He has an extensive history of conducting business in all parts of the world including the United States, Canada, China, and Hong Kong.

With his base of operations in China, Mr. Trikeriotis utilized his opportunities within the mining sector where he was involved in all aspects of extracting and trading minerals. He established a global network to securely process mines from Africa to the United States. Additionally, he developed a business model on attracting and securing small mines and developing a mobile system that eliminates the use of water and chemicals. He currently has projects ready to be implemented with various targets in USA, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

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