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Liberation Gold provides excellent service to help clients buy and liquidate gold. With our connection to the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), we specialize in the trading of gold dore, gold bullion trade desk transactions, and gold property identification. LG is committed to helping individuals and institutions diversify their wealth. With our unique perspective and personalization, we aim to empower investors into creating a strong, diversified portfolio. Please fill out our form or visit our contact-us

Integrated Mining

When a property is fully prepared, our mining and concentration systems are deployed from the central hub or a nearby property. Mining commences, typically 1-3 weeks in advance, to build an initial stockpile of ore. Our advanced and innovative mobile modular system is then setup for processing. Each concentration system can process up to 800 MT of ore per day.
In a new location, additional setup for mobile housing units, kitchens and bathroom facilities, power generation, basic equipment maintenance, and production focused mobile labs and exploration equipment are established. As we aim to create a safe working environment, this step is crucial in our integrated mining process. Learn more to take a deeper look into our advanced technology used in our integrated mining process.


LG has 12 operating refining hubs within a 300km to 1000km distance. Each line takes the primary or secondary concentrate through to a standardized dore. Certain hubs may also integrate the LBMA-certified refinery to produce standard registered bars. LG is proud of its flexibility in that lines can be added if necessary, with new hubs implemented to reduce the transportation of concentrates.
A typical hub could produce 20kg to 40kg each day and average 8MT per year. We are proud to announce that each hub is a closed loop system, allowing us to reuse waste materials and minimize our environmental footprint. Waste material, such as waste rocks and tailings, are all neutralized and cleaned for further use in our future projects. Learn more to take a deeper look into our advanced technology used in the refinement process.

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