Regional Hub and Spoke

Our integrated system connects standardized hubs all over the region to integrate and efficiently process gold sites. With our operating radius of 600 to 1,200 miles, LG can reach any underdeveloped mine worldwide. Alongside our mobile modular systems, our hub and spokes efficiently process up to 600 tonnes of gross ore/day on site.

To reduce transportation of concentrates, LG then consolidates 600 tonnes to 17 tonnes of high-grade gold ore for transportation to our regional plant. Our hub and spoke system guarantee a recovery rate of above 85%, which is more reliable than centralized processing centers. As our technology allows for flexibility and adaptability to any terrain, LG has 12 hub lines that can be expanded if necessary. Each line can produce 20kg to 40kg each day and average 8MT per year. We are also proud to announce that each hub is a closed loop system, allowing us to reuse waste materials and minimize our environmental footprint.