Reuse Waste Materials

Mining produces significant amounts of waste, most notably waste rock and tailings. These materials result from the excavation process and contain harmful elements that play a large role in air pollution. However, with our closed loop system, our hubs enable us to reuse waste to build infrastructure for the local community and for other projects. Our eco-friendly mining and processing system enables us to return the land to its original state.

Eco-friendly Equipmen

Toxic chemicals, such as mercury and cyanide, are used in the mining process which result in water contamination and air-borne toxins. During the recovery process, miners breathe in mercury vapors which also contaminate the air, affecting families and the surrounding regions. A key benefit to our modular systems is its elimination of chemical use that is prevalent in existing models of gold processing.

Regulate Illegal Mining

To supplement their insufficient incomes, miners often resort to unregulated mining activities that not only harm themselves, but also the environment and local community. According to experts, around 14,000 people are currently involved in illegal mining in South Africa. Illegal miners conduct activity without adhering to the regulations that are put in place to reduce the negative environmental impact. However, through LG Foundation’s training programs and improved working conditions for miners, illegal mining can be prevented and ultimately reduce the environmental footprint.

Working Conditions

Implement advanced
technology and equipment

Artisanal miners use their own resources to mine for gold. As they work independently, many miners utilize worn-down tools, such as a pick and shovel, that create unsafe and inefficient working conditions. Miners often are not supplied with personal protective equipment, causing them to inhale dust and fine particles. This unsafe working environment can cause serious respiratory diseases. LG Foundation provides advanced equipment that allow artisanal miners to safely mine without cutting into their expenses. In addition to the equipment, we also provide protective gear, such as clothes and proper shoes, to ensure miners’ safety onsite.

Eliminate the use of chemicals

In the processing stage, toxic chemicals, such as mercury and cyanide, are used to separate the ore from the mineral. High exposure to these chemicals results in serious, irreversible damage. As artisanal miners are poorly equipped with the proper tools and protective gear, they often come into direct contact which increases the detrimental effects of the toxins. Eventually these chemicals not only contaminate the soil and water, but they also make their way into the food chain, harming both humans and livestock. However, our modular systems eliminate the need for these chemicals, providing a safer working environment for the miners and their families.

Giving Back To The Local Community

Create employment

Despite the nominal revenue stream, artisanal mining is typically taken up to compensate the locals’ insufficient incomes, subjecting them to horrible working conditions. LG can operate multiple gold mines at the same time, allowing us to recruit more local workers and increasing employment opportunities within a community. Our mobile modular systems that are equipped with Plug and Play lines enable us to hire local workers, such as engineers and consultants, to operate the system. We aim to enhance revenue stream into the region to give back to the community. Another common constraint in the mining sector includes inadequate technical expertise. To combat this challenge, we will implement training programs for artisanal miners so that they have a proper education in this field and can retain a steady source of income. These training programs include learning to efficiently extract minerals, use safety equipment, and developing strong business management skills. As our business model institutes a symbiotic relationship among all the stakeholders, the community is bound to see an increase in employment. We aim to strengthen the local community by becoming an educational resource and source of income for the region’s wellbeing and livelihood.

Develop advanced health
care measures

As mining commonly involves chemicals and environment degradation, LG Foundation strives to mitigate the damage on the local region by improving sanitation and water quality. Typical mining operations result in airborne toxins and water contamination that affect families and children in the surrounding regions. Chemicals, such as mercury and cyanide, have detrimental effects that create serious long-term illnesses. As our business model heavily reduces the chemicals released into the environment, we aim to continually practice these safety measures to provide a healthier livelihood for all.

Establish community

To support welfare for the community, we strive to enhance the local infrastructure by developing schools, hospitals, housing, and more. Using our closed loop refining system, we reuse the waste materials to produce brick, sidewalks, and more. With this establishment, we can build upon and employ more employment opportunities in the schools, hospitals, construction, and engineering sectors. We also aim to upgrade local transportation. LG Foundation intends to support the region by coordinating and developed a locally operated non-profit organization that helps empower the community and its development.

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